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  • Pay Multiple Invoices
  • Easy Reconciliation
  • Advanced Access rights
  • Subscriptions
  • Assets & Revenues


Odoo is an open-source suite of integrated business applications actively programmed, supported, and organized by Odoo SA. Odoo is similar to many open-source projects where customized programming, support, and other services are provided by an active global community and partners network. The community is comprised of more than 1,500 active members and has contributed more than 4,500 modules to the ongoing enrichment of Odoo. The network of certified partners, established in more than 120 countries, deploys the solution locally. The software, with more than 1,500 downloads a day, is one of the most frequently installed business suites worldwide.

All Odoo Apps such as Odoo CRM, Odoo Sales, Odoo Accounting, Odoo WMS (Warehouse Management), Odoo HR, Odoo Project, Odoo Events, Odoo Marketing, etc. are integrated with each other.

Odoo is an open-source alternative to many software packages. It can be used by any retailer with its POS (Point Of Sales), and in any website with its CMS (website builder) synchronized with the e-Commerce app. In the enterprise resource planning software field, Odoo is an alternative to SAP ERP, Oracle E-Business Suite, Microsoft Dynamics, Netsuite, and others.

Odoo has offices in the US, Belgium, Luxembourg, India, Hong Kong, Dubai and Mexico.


  • Bank Reconciliations
  • Easy or Automated Bookkeeping Entry
  • Expenses Management
  • Invoicing & Templates
  • Multiple users or roles
  • Payroll
  • Self Assessment
  • Take Payment Online
  • Time Tracking
  • VAT
  • Beautiful user interface
  • Reduce data entry
  • Collaboration & Alerts
  • Pay Multiple Invoices
  • Easy setup
  • Bank Interfaces
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Get paid easily
  • Account payables
  • Pay bills
  • Easy Reconciliation
  • Advanced Access rights
  • Access Control Lists
  • Multi-currency support
  • Multi companies
  • Multiple users
  • Multi Journals
  • Legal Statements
  • Subscriptions
  • Assets & Revenues
  • Customer Portal
3.9 / 5 (of 46 reviews)



Used by hackers to host malware, seems ODOO might be a bit too easy to be abused for mal intentions. They were quick to take down the mal, impersonated sight after emailing "security at odoo dot com". They responded that "abuse at odoo dot com" might yield faster response for abuse cases. But maybe you should implement a approval process for brand new sites?

Anita Andrews


This is the most deceptive ERP, MRP, CRM system and people I have ever encountered. The people are incompetent and make all kinds of promises that they can't deliver on. And when you finally realize that their company is a disaster, they say they can fix it if you give them more money. If you have to actually import data from a spreadsheet, don't bother even looking at this software. If you want something that actually works, don't bother looking at this software. If you want someone to be honest about what they can do or not do, don't bother looking at this software. Our company is out around $3,000 and 6 months worth of work. I had to cancel the credit card to stop them from charging on it. Will be filing with the AG of CA. This company should not be allowed to operate in the USA.

Konrad Br.


Very good suite of products. Very poor technical support. You pay a lot for the product, you pay 10X for the support.

Corey Deacon


Be weary of empty promises. Retained Odoo for an EMR buildout after we were PROMISED they could deliver on our needs. Upon further interaction we realized these needs could not be met. Not only were we not refunded for the hours we had actually utilized, they refused to refund us any of our unused retainer. If you want to say goodbye to huge sums of money very quickly with no usable product by all means, retain Odoo. Will not refer nor will I be engaging them again in the future.

Victor Pidkowich


On first blush it appeared Odoo would solve all our needs. Its secure, in the cloud, appeared moldable to our use cases and support was responsive. But after becoming a client it became very apparent it was more window dressing than anything.

We were promised that the software could do what we needed as well as be customized to the exact requests we had, right down to certain toggles for custom fields in certain places. We invested roughly $20,000 in their custom development service as well as started paying the monthly fee at $300usd roughly per month. After working with the dev team for months it was becoming apparent that what we were promised was not in fact doable. Work arounds and shortcuts were attempted to no avail. In the end Odoo handed us off to several account managers, and took months to respond back to us on our request to end the project and have our unused portion of the deposited funds returned. in the end the elected to return zero. The process was a massive waste of time and resources. Although working with theier team to rectify things they took a hard position and accepted zero responsibility.

Reflecting back, I would have simply chosen to do a custom build out with a local development firm over this charade. We chose Odoo because we beleived it would have shaved months from development since most of the core functionality is already built. Instead what we got was absolutely nothing. No useable software and no portion of our unused funds. Very disappointing.

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