Key Benefits

  • AdBuilder
  • Micro CMS
  • Versions


NetX is known for its intuitive, affordable Digital Asset Management platform and helpful customer service. Our Onboarding team has more than a decade of experience in DAM, which allows them to easily tailor NetX to meet your specific needs and timelines. We’ll get you set up and trained to make any future changes to your team’s workflows. Our UI is clean and intuitive, leading to a quick user-adoption rate! Our customers continually describe our UI as “extremely easy to use,” our team as “Helpful and friendly,” and our solution as “Powerful.” DAM, we can help!


  • Backup and Versioning
  • Brand or Document Templates
  • Central Storage
  • Collaborative documents
  • Rich Media Asset Management (videos etc)
  • Search and Tagging
  • Version Control
  • AdBuilder
  • Adobe CC Panel
  • Micro CMS
  • Portals
  • Relationships
  • Reviews
  • Versions


  • Cloud, SaaS, Web
  • Installed - Mac
  • Installed - Windows
  • Mobile - Android Native
  • Mobile - iOS Native
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