Key Benefits

  • Never miss a conversation
  • Focus on what matters
  • Analyse trends
  • Social Media Management


Mention is the leading tool for brand monitoring, social listening and reputation management for enterprises and agencies.

From social media to PR mentions, user reviews to blog comments, leading brands choose Mention to track the most important conversations about their brand, competitors, and industry across the web.

Over 750,000+ professionals using the app in 150+ countries, including Spotify, Lamborghini, MIT, Microsoft, and more. Mention helps the world’s best brands make better business decisions.

Manage, listen, engage and analyze real-time alerts from one simple dashboard.


For entrepreneurs and individuals
  • For entrepreneurs and individuals
  • 2 Basic alerts
  • 5,000 mentions
  • 5 social accounts
  • 1 user
For marketers and small-businesses
  • 5 Basic alerts
  • 10,000 mentions
  • 10 social accounts
  • Unlimited users
For teams and agencies
  • 10 Advanced alerts
  • 100,000+ mentions
  • Unlimited social accounts
  • Unlimited users


  • Campaign Management
  • Data and Analytics
  • Engagement Reporting
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Publish Across Channels
  • Resource Scheduling
  • Social Listening
  • Alerts
  • Never miss a conversation
  • Focus on what matters
  • Analyse trends
  • Be notified & share information
  • Social Media Management
  • Volumes
  • Support & Services


2.3 / 5 (of 3 reviews)
Iryna Namaka

I've been using the tool for 2or 3 years now, for different projects and companies. Must say, it finds some alerts and fails with others. If you have a company name that's also a common word, you'll face a lot of difficulties.

And my personal suggestion - never, never turn to their support team. It's an absolute waste of time.
Check guides, experiment yourself, you might figure it out. The support team will only get you upset and you'll feel yourself the most unvalued customer ever.

Here's the reply I got after writing to them for a month or so:
"For the time being, it is not something the team will focus on at this time". - the reply I get for the bug fix I asked. There's more text - but this sentence has the main point.
Ok, if you are not able to check it now, tell me when and what to expect. I've explained the issue several times. All I got long meaningless replies and no help.
My rating is for the support team. You, guys, should immediately do something with this kind of treatment for your customers. Thank you

Christian Eiermann

I was one of the early adopters of this service. I didn't use it often but once or twice a year I logged in to do some keyword research. During my last login I realised had moved my account from my paid plan to a free plan. When I emailed them and asked why is that, they replied "this has been decided internally and I could choose one of the new plans". So without any warning or regret they kicked me out and now ask for more than 20x (!!!) the monthly price I paid before. This is ridiculous! I regret my loyalty to this service for so many years and supporting them with over 1000 EUR over the years.

Trustpilot is an interesting and good program to get live stream about your brand and competitors which allows to react to various PR issues.

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