Sales & CRM

Software solutions to help you track, maintain and manage your interactions with existing and potential customers.

What is Sales and CRM Software?

Customer Relationship Management software, or as it is more commonly known, CRM software, provides a centralised place to store relevant information about your customers – including contact information, emails or quotes sent, order history or to record your notes each time you made a call to that person.

By storing records in a database, CRM software allows you and other team members to record and track each interaction with your customers or sales prospects in a standardised, streamlined and even automated way. This can help increase your efficiency, better manage your sales resources and enable your sales team to get more done.

Beyond simply tracking and recording, many of today’s modern solutions offer more advanced features such as collaborative platforms to assign tasks or follow-ups to salespeople or those best placed to progress a sales enquiry, or scheduling marketing activity.


How can it help?

Optimising, managing and reporting the sales process

By centralising and tracking sales and customer interactions, your sales team can spend less time on spreadsheets and paperwork, and more time acquiring new customers and better managing customer support. This can help increase efficiency. If you’re a small team with few customers or contacts that you can easily manage by yourself, or you don’t do sales activity, a CRM solution may not be right for you.

Improving customer relationships & optimising sales processes

By helping you analyse customer data, you could provide a better or more personalised customer experience, reduce complaints, minimise errors and schedule reminders and tasks so follow up actions or next steps are not forgotten. This can improve the efficiencies of customer engagement or following up sales leads.

Improving sales and marketing effectiveness

By storing all information in one place, you can report sales performance or progress towards your sales goals, enabling better decision-making and increasing performance management.

18.4 %

The average boost to productivity from CRM systems over a three year period, according to research from the Enterprise Research Council